Grand Theft Auto V – Tustin’s Outfit Editor – PS3

Grand Theft Auto V - Tustin's Outfit Editor - PS3

Long time no see. I made this tool a few weeks ago and just now decided to record it. This allows you to edit your in game outfits and then transfer them over to the new platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC) and have modded outfits on there. Neat, eh? Thanks to Kryptus and The_Card_Dealer.

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20 comments on “Grand Theft Auto V – Tustin’s Outfit Editor – PS3
  1. God says:

    can you help please? I'm trying to figure out which code is for white joggers. like the drop zone outfits but white pants

  2. Scrimage 2k says:

    When will you make one for Xbox 360?

  3. Xx-FR33M0DE-Xx says:

    how do i download that?

  4. Julien Moreau says:

    Thanks ­čśÇ

  5. Fran Modz says:

    What song ??

  6. 0ffTrippie says:

    I keep getting problem unable to find outfit structure address can anyone help

  7. Lasse Gr├Şnning says:

    Do you have a list of what values are next gen, what type and colour?

  8. Henry Garcia says:

    hi, bro….ey…with this update of gta v 1.27 your outfits editor tool can't conectt to the ps3… any help please..??

  9. Khalil Milo says:

    how do you use this on pc and is it bannable?

  10. Mexican Boy says:

    can you edite my outfits for ps4

  11. daydiamond says:

    Whats the thing you use

  12. OP Prototype says:

    can u make 1 that doesnt require jailbreak

  13. Kiingz13 says:

    Can u mod my outfits for free and custom ?

  14. Prince says:

    Does anyone have the clothing I'd .txt file?

  15. YoloManHD says:

    pls Clothing ID's

  16. EchoModz says:

    can someone link me the clothing ID txt file?? please

  17. Franker E says:

    tustin can you pls do a tutorial on how to do this

  18. ChefBoiJay says:

    i need help with connecting rtm tools to my ps3 think you can help

    Yes its Jailbroken its a PS3 4.80 Dex

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